We can’t help everyone, but everyone can help someone.

Ronald Reagan




To encourage and teach students how to play and love the global sport of tennis which will give the following opportunities to the children in the program:

  • An opportunity to have a form of physical exercise that directly addresses and prevent bad health habits, which leads to childhood obesity and health problems;
  • An opportunity to earn a college scholarship in tennis, if the students are willing to work hard and develop their skills;
  • An opportunity to develop their competitive spirit through participating in tennis tournaments, leagues, and team play;
  • An opportunity to develop students mental faculties in five different areas: mental concentration, mental acuity, mental toughness, mental discipline, and formal-operational thought;
  • To provide tennis instructions that are age-appropriate and effective for all students who are interested in the sport.
  • An opportunity to travel the world and meet people from many different cultures.